Sustainable holiday properties = a greener future

We all want to do what we can to help the environment. So what if we told you there’s an easy way to make your holiday accommodation totally carbon neutral and contribute to the sustainability of your community? Beds4Nature members do just that, by increasing wildlife and native woodland areas local to you.

New native woodlands provide the perfect habitat for wildlife and nature to flourish. Plus, generations can enjoy time there for years to come.

Why get involved?

Because there is a growing need – and desire – for us all to ‘act now’. We know how daily life contributes to global warming – and that doesn’t stop when we go on holiday. Guests at your accommodation will use heating, lighting and local services including waste collection and water usage. And that generates carbon emissions. We are seeing the affects of this more and more every day.

Yes, we use energy efficient options where possible. From switching lightbulbs and installing solar panels to providing an electric vehicle charger to help your guests make greener choices. We can ensure the holiday property is well insulated, ask guests to keep doors and windows closed during the colder months and switch off the heating if they go out during the day. More and more make a mindful effort to do this anyway. It all helps. But to be totally carbon neutral, we need to do more.

We’ve got a simple solution that is easy to get involved in and provides a sustainable travel option for potential guests. By increasing wildlife and native woodland in your area, and supporting the local community.

How it works

The calculator below works out the carbon emissions that guests staying in your holiday accommodation generate during the course of the year (based on your average occupancy). Fill it in to see how many trees need to be planted over certain time periods (20 or 50 years) to reduce that effect. Simply build this cost into your overall holiday prices and watch that happen.


  • You will receive a badge to display on your website, to authenticate that you are contributing to a greener future for generations to come.
  • We’ll add a link to your website on our Accommodation Providers page.
  • Your guests will receive a certificate confirming their support of the local wildlife and native woodlands to increase biodiversity.
  • We’ll send you a monthly report detailing how many trees have been planted and the CO2 units that they have created to reduce your holiday property’s carbon footprint.
  • You and your guests can visit the green space that you are supporting and watch it thrive.


Enter your property address below to calculate the carbon emissions that guests staying in your holiday accommodation generate.
You will see how many trees need to be planted over certain time periods to reduce that effect.