The average property in the UK produces between 3 and 4 tonnes of carbon emissions per year. This is the equivalent of 15 to 20 native trees.

Find out in just 20 seconds how many tonnes of CO2 emissions your property produces using the calculator below. Then plant the equivalent number of trees.

Join us in supporting local UK native woodland projects and biodiversity for years to come.


Choose your UK woodland project

We carefully select and partner with professional woodland developers to create, plant and manage native woodlands across the UK. For example Forest Carbon Limited, eForests, Plant One and Creating Tomorrows Forests. We continue to expand our network of woodland developers.

Importantly our tree planting program adheres as closely as possible to The Woodland Carbon Code (WCC) verified projects. WCC is internationally recognised for its high values for sustainable forestry and carbon management. The WCC generates independently verified carbon units, backed by the Government and experts within forestry and the carbon market. Where possible we always strive to ensure that the tree planting we offer via our partners are part of the WCC. 

The black pins show the Woodland Projects that are live now, whilst the grey pins shows those coming soon. When you find a project you like, move on to STEP 2.


Use the Property Tree Calculator

Once you have selected a woodland creation project to support let’s calculate the emissions your property(ies) generate.

Notes on calculation

  • If you disagree with the last Energy Performance Certificate figures used here then adjust using an approximate value given your improvements since you acquired the property.
  • If you can’t find your property (or enter a fake postcode) it will ask for the area of your property in square meters. (Also ideal for glamping, yurts, etc)
  • We present the number of trees and cost it will take to reduce the carbon footprint over 20 years. Please remember that trees take this time to grow and absorb CO2. Growing trees in reality isn’t an instant solution.

Why get involved?

At home we all use heating, lighting and local services including waste collection and water usage. This all generates carbon emissions.

Yes, we use energy efficient options where possible. From switching lightbulbs and installing solar panels to providing an electric vehicle charger when we make greener choices. We can ensure our property is well insulated, keep doors and windows closed during the colder months and switch off the heating when we go out during the day.It all helps. But to be totally carbon neutral, we need to do more.

Beds4Nature is a simple solution providing a sustainable option for us here in the UK. By increasing wildlife and native woodland in your area and supporting the local community.


Enter your property address below to calculate the carbon emissions it generates.
You will see how many trees need to be planted over certain time periods to reduce that effect.